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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

7 Ways to Enjoy Tent Camping

Tent camping is a great alternative to the usual holiday experiences where you get to stay in nice hotels and go on set day tours. With tent camping, you have a totally new outdoor experience unlike any other you will ever have. For one, you will be sleeping under the stars, exposed to the elements, and very close to nature.

To enjoy tent camping, there are some general guidelines that you should take into consideration. If you can manage to follow these basic tent camping standards, you will have the best time ever, and will fall in love with the great outdoors and all it has to offer.

First, make sure you plan your trip properly. If you want a quiet weekend getaway, then make sure you don't go on a holiday weekend. On the other hand, if the party atmosphere like campsite is just what you are looking for, then schedule your tent camping on popular holidays like Fourth of July or any other similar holiday.

Second, pack light. Most campsites have a store although the items there might be priced higher than in your local grocery. Still, bring more recyclables than disposables. In fact, if you plan every meal well, you can bring a little over what you need, and not have to worry about space or extra guests for dinner. You can also pre-pack each meal and the ingredients you will need to organize your cooking and save more time for enjoying the outdoors.

Third, make sure to arrive at the campsite early especially if it is a holiday weekend. This will allow you time to settle in properly before night fall. You might also be able to avoid the last minute rush which can be stressful and ruin a perfectly good travel day.

Fourth, bring insect repellants and lids for your drinking cups. You should also have an extra mat to place in front of your tent to keep the dirt from going into your tent.

Fifth, have extra poles for your tent, in case of accidents. You will be thankful to have these around since you might not have an easy time finding poles in the middle of a campsite.

Sixth, respect your neighbors, and you can expect them to respect you as well. Avoid playing loud music, being too nosy, or meddling in others' business.

Finally, check all your camping gear before you leave on your trip. If you can, set up the tent. If you bought an economy sleeping bag, make sure that there aren't any issues with it and get indoor lighting for your tent. This way, you get to see what the possible problems may be even before leaving home.

If you still need some help, check out 6 Man Tent guide for some great tips on family camping.

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What's the Secret to Swimming Faster?

What's the secret to swimming faster? It may look like there is some secret technique to faster swimming but there really isn't. Swimmers have been getting faster every year due to better training, improved techniques, nutrition and even suits they wear. Coach's and swimmers alike just keep trying new things and pushing the limits and finding ways to keep shaving fractions of a second off their times.

A fraction of a second does not sound like much but it could be enough to win a race. When you are at the elite level you want that little bit of extra speed and more. So if you are a swimmer on a school team, club or compete on a recreational level, you too can use the same methods the elite use to go faster.

Work on your technique, this can save you valuable time during a race. Learn to swim like your body is longer than it really is so you slide through the water more easily. Perfect the arm stroke so you can get the maximum pull with each hand to give you the best forward propulsion. Relax while you swim, don't be tense because this will actually slow you down.

Even your mental capacity can affect how you swim. Learn to think like a winner and you can train yourself to be more positive about your abilities. Try visualization techniques to see yourself being successful at swimming. Improve your diet so you are healthier. If you are not eating healthy food you are not providing your body the best nutrition it deserves to give you the best performance.

If you what more information to learn what the elite do to swim faster go to Master the Freestyle. You can learn to improve your freestyle technique by using proven step by step training methods.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Josh_Stevens


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Save Hundreds on a Vacation

During recessions, we all still want to go on vacation. In fact, overall spending on some forms of entertainment actually goes up during hard times, perhaps as a way to escape from the pressures of the real world.

But invariably, when budget cutbacks affect the family's entertainment budget, we all look for ways to tighten up and get more enjoyment out of every dollar - or Euro, as the case may be. There are some great ways to stretch your vacation budget - whether that includes a fishing trip or a jet ski rental - and have more fun with every dollar you spend. But you do have to do some digging to find the deals.

One of the best ways to find those deals and get far more sightseeing for less money is to buy a discount card with pre-negotiated deals for local attractions. These often provide wonderfully inexpensive ways to squeeze more bang out of your vacation buck, often putting hundreds of dollars back in your pocket. Wouldn't you rather spend an extra couple hundred bucks on your family than give it away by paying full price?

The way a discount card works is a local company negotiates exclusive deals with local vendors like parasailing companies or sport fishing charters and makes them available to card owners. The amounts of the discounts can vary widely, but 10 to 25% or more is common. For instance, for one discount card in the Key West, Florida region, hotels and bed and breakfast accommodations are discounted 10%. When you are staying a week, this can be a substantial discount.

Fishing charters and snorkeling excursion can often be discounted $100 or more off a full day trip that would normally cost $700. Often, vacation discount cards can be obtained for free if reservations are made for specific excursions.

You can see that the amount of money you can save on travel arrangements is substantial if you look for a discount card program put together by knowledgeable professionals in the area. Because many travel discount cards are good for up to six members of your party, a card can easily cut $500 to $1000 off your vacation.

Kevin Harper is a writer specializing in covering locations and local real estate topics around the United States. For more information on Key West discounts on hotels, sport fishing charters, Dry Tortugas charters, and more, see http://www.goldcardkeywest.com.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kevin_Harper


10 Reasons You'll Enjoy the Great Outdoors

If you're fed up of spending your spare time in front of the TV or the computer, and want to do something different, then perhaps you've thought about getting away from the rat race and spending some time in the country.

Here's why you'll love it:

1. You'll get plenty of fresh air which has got to be better for you than the traffic fumes you'll be used to from living in the city.

2. There's plenty of opportunity to walk or climb, so you might not think that a walk in the country is as strenuous as an hour in the gym, but you'll be getting plenty of exercise and getting fitter too.

3. You'll be able to get out of the house and make the most of the weather. Perhaps you don't mind being cooped up when it's cold or wet, but surely your children need a change of scene and something else to do?

4. You'll have plenty of other things on your min once you're out in the countryside, so you'll be able to clear your mind, enjoy the scenery and not think about work for a while.

5. Spending time outdoors in the countryside is great for your children and your dog. They're sure to be impressed with seeing animals in their natural habitat, and trees, and streams.

6. You and your children will be able to learn more about nature. Perhaps you'll become experts on trees, or animals, or their tracks, and be able to navigate using maps as well as trees and rivers too.

7. Perhaps you'd like to take up shooting and don't know where to start. By finding a shooting club near you, you might be able to get all the help and information you need to get started.

8. Maybe you've always want to go fishing but haven't got round to it yet. Why not spend more time outdoors and see for yourself why so many people go fishing.

9. By going walking with friends and family you'll be able to spend more time with them, and get to know them better, and you're bound to make new friends too.

10. You'll be able to discover new places, and visit areas you've always wanted to go to. Why not make a weekend of it, or organise a holiday in the country instead of going abroad this year, and see just how much fun you can have?

Now you know more about the great outdoors, and why you'll love it here, when are you coming?

Whether you want fishing tackle such as Fishing Flies or hunting or country clothing such as outdoor jackets, walking boots or Moleskin Trousers, you'll find everything you need for the great outdoors at JohnNorris.co.uk today.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=M_James


Monday, February 8, 2010

Rock Climbing As an Adventure Sport?

It is inevitable for one and all to get stuck in the rat race of life and move from one established goal to another. The hassles of daily life with all its duties and commitments often take away from the pleasure and enjoyment one derives from simple activities and the general feeling of having no time for oneself leads to deep-rooted discontentment and frustration for most. Most psychological experts recommend exercising or taking up a challenging sport to distract oneself from the daily rut and to grow in mind and body as you explore your own strengths and capabilities.

One such sport that is fast gaining popularity around the world is that of rock climbing. Rock climbing is an adventure sport that was once limited only to die hard sports enthusiasts and thrill seeking fans. As the need to remain fit and healthy grows in this age of desktop jobs and machine production, more and more people are turning to the sport for physical challenges, emotional fulfillment and mental contentment. Rock climbing involves individual and/ or teams climbing up as well as climbing across naturally formed outcrops of rock structures and also practicing the sport on man made climbing walls. The sport tests physical strength and mental focus and dedication and benefits enthusiasts in a variety of ways.

Rock climbing as an adventure sport has transitioned from being a sport limited to a select few and is now finding its place in daily life and society. The prominence of the sport is growing as rock climbing clubs are sprouting up in cities and enthusiasts are coming together to make it popular. Many colleges in big cities have installed climbing walls on their campuses to offer students a recreational opportunity that also allows physical and mental workouts. Companies are encouraging their employees to take up the sport as group activities both for health purposes and an increased chance at bonding with one another. Exercise and fitness enthusiasts often decide to take up rock climbing because when it is combined with its mandatory training regime the sport provides a full body workout and numerous health benefits by targeting different muscle groups and building the body to a peak state of strength, power and endurance.

Rock climbing as a sport finds its origins in Europe towards the latter half of the nineteenth century. Initially practiced out of necessity by mountain dwellers, the practice became a hobby sport as its benefits became known.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Fred_Daitatt


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mountain Biking Must Haves

Mountain biking is a fun but physically demanding sport. Each exhilarating ride tests the rider's strength and endurance, which makes it also a good form of physical conditioning. But be wary however, experience and training is necessary in riding difficult and more advanced trails. These routes are made up of steep jumps, sharp turns, and difficult terrain. It is advised best to stick with trails that are equivalent to your skill levels.

Aside from your mountain bikes, a number of accessories, which mostly are composed of protective gears, are must haves on your trip no matter what your skill level is. Some of them are as follows:

1. Helmet - I could not stress enough how important this piece of gear is. Helmets are indispensable that in many places, it is against the law to go biking without one. Helmets protective the part of our body that would most likely endure a fatal injury. Take note however, helmets are not created in equal quality. So make sure yours has passed the Consumer Products Safety Commission bike helmet certification standards.

2. Gloves - Controlling your bike causes friction between the handle bars and your hands and over time, could cause injuries to your palm. Having bike gloves will save you from this discomfort.

3. Protective Eyewear - Dust and other floating particles can accidentally get caught and irritate the eyes. Wearing protective eyewear can prevent this to happen. It also shades the eyes from the brightness and heat of the sun.

4. Water bottle/ Hydration pack - Mountain bikes have bottle cages where you can conveniently attach you water bottle. Or if you prefer a more convenient hydration system then bring with you a hydration pack.

5. GPS - Global Positioning System receivers are very handy especially when unfamiliar with the trails. These gadgets are also essential if you want to keep track of the distance you've travel, your speed, and many more measurements that you might be needing when riding.

6. Repair kit - When on the trail, the last thing you want is gear malfunction. But this is an unavoidable circumstance, so make sure you have your pump, multi-tools, and other bike repair essentials with you.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Alan_Craner
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The Basic Bowling Terms

Knowing how to bowl does not simply depend on practicing how to roll the bowling ball down the lane. As a well-back grounded bowler, it is good to know some (if not most) of the basic bowling terms. When beginner bowlers decide to skip this step, many aspects of the game may look confusing to them. It is true that you might acquire many more terms when you actually practice the game, however not knowing what a spare or a foul line is on your first game can be a grave gap.

There are tens if not hundreds of bowling terms out there. So how do you choose which one to learn first and which one to leave for later? The words that you need to first concentrate on are the ones related to the basic equipment and to basic scoring. While many people know what a bowling lane, bowling bowl and strike is some are not aware that a strike can only be done on the bowler's first ball. Hence if you knock down all the pins on your second ball, that would not be called a strike but a spare.

After you warm up, hold your bowling ball with your fingers and approach the lane. You need to know that the line at which you need to stop is called the foul line which can cause you to be disqualified - if you crossed it. After you do throw the ball as a first timer and if the ball goes off course, it will fall into the side "gutter" and that would be called a gutter ball.

To bowl, you need to understand the terminologies used in bowling techniques. For example, straight bowling is the bowling technique also referred to as point and shoot bowling which most if not all beginners resort to when they learn how to bowl. On the other hand, pro bowlers throw hook balls when they throw the bowling ball in a straight lane until it reaches a point where it curves and hooks back to knock down all the ten pins. Hook ball bowling is one of the most popular bowling techniques and hook ball bowling needs a lot of effort from the bowler because the bowler needs to use the proper grip and make the proper swing as he releases. Top-spin bowling is another terminology referring to one of the hard available bowling techniques through which the bowler is supposed to place his right arm right above the head level and have his wrist bent.

Other common bowling terminologies which we still have not discussed are: frame (which is one tenth part of a game), box (also referred to a single frame on the scoring card), dead ball (a ball not counter, like a gutter ball or a foul ball), double (two consecutive strikes), mark (a strike or spare), string (several strikes in a row), and turkey (specifically three strikes in a row).

Finally, you need to keep in mind that just like many other sports, bowling has a lot of slang bowling terms which can be directly caught off the bowling game one of which is apple (referring to the bowling ball). So, knowing how to bowl is not just about rolling the bowling ball down the alley, but also about being familiar with basic bowling terms.

Want to learn how to bowl? Sick of not performing consistently on the bowling alley? Discover the best bowling tips and techniques among professional bowlers that no amateur ever learns on their own with The Bowling Tips

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Evan_Leeway
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