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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

7 Ways to Enjoy Tent Camping

Tent camping is a great alternative to the usual holiday experiences where you get to stay in nice hotels and go on set day tours. With tent camping, you have a totally new outdoor experience unlike any other you will ever have. For one, you will be sleeping under the stars, exposed to the elements, and very close to nature.

To enjoy tent camping, there are some general guidelines that you should take into consideration. If you can manage to follow these basic tent camping standards, you will have the best time ever, and will fall in love with the great outdoors and all it has to offer.

First, make sure you plan your trip properly. If you want a quiet weekend getaway, then make sure you don't go on a holiday weekend. On the other hand, if the party atmosphere like campsite is just what you are looking for, then schedule your tent camping on popular holidays like Fourth of July or any other similar holiday.

Second, pack light. Most campsites have a store although the items there might be priced higher than in your local grocery. Still, bring more recyclables than disposables. In fact, if you plan every meal well, you can bring a little over what you need, and not have to worry about space or extra guests for dinner. You can also pre-pack each meal and the ingredients you will need to organize your cooking and save more time for enjoying the outdoors.

Third, make sure to arrive at the campsite early especially if it is a holiday weekend. This will allow you time to settle in properly before night fall. You might also be able to avoid the last minute rush which can be stressful and ruin a perfectly good travel day.

Fourth, bring insect repellants and lids for your drinking cups. You should also have an extra mat to place in front of your tent to keep the dirt from going into your tent.

Fifth, have extra poles for your tent, in case of accidents. You will be thankful to have these around since you might not have an easy time finding poles in the middle of a campsite.

Sixth, respect your neighbors, and you can expect them to respect you as well. Avoid playing loud music, being too nosy, or meddling in others' business.

Finally, check all your camping gear before you leave on your trip. If you can, set up the tent. If you bought an economy sleeping bag, make sure that there aren't any issues with it and get indoor lighting for your tent. This way, you get to see what the possible problems may be even before leaving home.

If you still need some help, check out 6 Man Tent guide for some great tips on family camping.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jeremy_Waller

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